Dynamic tentacles!

This project is a tutorial developed for UNHIDE School. You can check it out on https://www.unhideschool.com/post/2/100/dynamic-tentacles/overview-dynamic-tentacles

Hope you like it. :)

These shots were all snaped by me, and it's actually my toilet, a rubish bin close to my apartment and sunsetcliffs in San diego. <3

Rafael vallaperde rubish tentacle 01 rt 8bit 03
Rafael vallaperde toilet tentacle 06 rt 8bit 02 1
Rafael vallaperde cthulu tentacle 01 rt 04
Rafael vallaperde 13227730 10209973900011081 2269573707289596990 o
Rafael vallaperde 13243748 10209971447829778 9048106364729442996 o